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In October of 2007, a Federal grant entitled "Excellence through collaboration: A doctoral preparation planning grant for d/hh education" was awarded to Harold Johnson/Michigan State University and Shirin Antia/University of Arizona. The essential purpose of the grant was to
generate data concerning:
  1. the numbers and kinds of faculty openings current and anticipated;
  2. the numbers of doctoral students being prepared to take these faculty positions;
  3. the desired characteristics of new faculty; and
  4. the match between doctoral preparation and the research needs in the field.

Since the onset of the grant, a great deal of work has been carried out to both gather the targeted data and to develop a collaborative model of doctoral student preparation for the field of Deaf Education. Information concerning the resulting information and collaborative design can be found on the following pages of this wiki site:

The final component of the planning grant focused upon gathering information concerning the need, preparation, availability, and "match" (i.e., doctoral students preparation and program needs) of doctoral graduates from U.S. universities that also prepare teachers of students who are deaf/hard of hearing (d/hh) [Note: a summary of the resulting data will be presented at the 2009 conference of theAssociation of College Educators - Deaf/Hard of Hearing on March 3, 2009, from 11:30 to 12:20 p.m. in New Orleans, LA].

If you would like more information concerning this grant effort, please contact either of the grant PIs:
Harold Johnson/Michigan State University
517 432-3926
Shirin Antia/University of Arizona
(520) 621-0944

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