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The field of Deaf Education is better known for controversies, than accomplishments. Universities that prepare doctoral students to work within the field of Deaf Education have a particular responsibility to design, implement, and disseminate research that has the potential to expand knowledge, enhance teaching and improve learning in relation to children/students who are deaf/hard of hearing (d/hh). All of the individuals identified on this page are actively involved in research, the preparation of doctoral students, and the preparation of teachers of students who are d/hh. All of the individuals have agreed to share brief descriptions of their research, to respond to comments and suggestions in the hope/belief that we learn more, we can make an even bigger difference through collaborative, rather than isolated efforts. As a result you are invited to read, comment, and search for collaborative opportunities to learn and share information as we all seek the knowledge and skills needed to enhance teaching, learning and performance in the field of Deaf Education.


To discuss your questions, comments and suggestions with the researcher(s) please:
  1. Click on the "description & discussion" link" for the appropriate topic.
  2. Click on the “discussion” tab that is at the top of this page. (You must "Sign In" to see the "discussion" tab. If you do not have a username/password, please click on "Join" to establish them.)
  3. Type your message (i.e., question, comment, suggestion, etc.), then click on the “post” button that is at the bottom of the page. One or more of the researchers will then respond to your message in a post to the discussion board.


Researchers have agreed to actively monitor the "Discussion" pages associated with their research efforts for a three week period starting Monday, February 16 and ending Friday, March 6, 2009.

Research: (arranged in alphabetical order by topical focus)

  • Topic: Academic & Social Status

    • Researchers: Shirin Antia, Susanne Reed, Kathryn Kreimeyer, & Kendra Benedict
    • University: University of Arizona
    • Title: "Longitudinal study of academic and social status and progress of d/hh students in genearl eduction classrooms."
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Aural rehabilitation for late deafened adult cochlear implant users

    • Researchers: Mary V. Compton
    • University: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    • Title: Cochlear implant connections: Group aural rehabilitation therapy for adults with cochlear implants.
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Consultation in teaching students who are deaf or hard of hearing

    • Researcher: Mary V. Compton
    • University: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    • Title: "Can you hear me now? Consultation in teaching students who are deaf or hard of hearing."
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Eye tracking and prosody

    • Researchers: Robert E. Kretschmer, Maria Hartman, & Becca Jackson
    • University: Teachers College, Columbia University
    • Title: "Tracking and teaching reading fluency using a tobi eye tracker and the Kurzweil reader"
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Forensic Linguistics

    • Researchers: Jean F. Andrews, Bonnie Goben, Kim Enos,
    • University: Lamar University
    • Title: What to Do? In Jail But Can’t Understand the Inmate Handbook: Solutions for the Deaf Offender
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Implications of hearing loss on caregivers

    • Researchers: Judith Niemeyer & Mary V. Comption
    • University: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    • Title: "Explaining unending loss: Chronic sorrow and families of children with low incidence, multiple disabilities."
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Learning science and mathematics knowledge via multimedia presentations of information

    • Researchers: Harold Johnson & Malinda Eccarius
    • University: Michigan State University & University of Nebraska at Lincoln
    • Title: " Implications of cognitive load research to deaf and hard of hearing learners: organizing a large-scale cooperative research initiative."
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Literacy Skills

    • Researchers: Amy Lederberg, Susan Easterbrooks, & Carol Connor, + Graduate Student Investigators: Elizabeth Miller, Jessica Bergeron, & Jennifer Beal
    • Universities: Georgia State University & Florida State University
    • Title: Improving deaf preschoolers' literacy skills
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Noise and the NICU + Interactions of noise and antibiotic treatment in neonatal mice + role of working memory in reading for d/hh children

    • Researcher: William Clark
    • University: Washington University in St. Louis - Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences - School of Medicine
    • Title: "Assessing and limiting noise associated with neonatal intensive care (NICU) environments" + " Interactions of noise exposure, hyperoxia, and kanamycin in young CBA/J mice; (with AuD student Elizabeth Fernandez and KK Ohlemiller)" + "Effects of nonverbal working memory training in deaf/hard of hearing children on speech, language, and reading development (PhD student Michelle Gremp with C Conway)"
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Parent Mediation; Early Learning; Mathematics

    • Researchers: Claudia Pagliaro & Karen Kritzer
    • Universities: Michigan State University & Kent State University
    • Title: "Learning to learn: Early learning behaviors of young deaf/hard-of-hearing children with high/low mathematics ability
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Progress monitoring

    • Researcher: Susan Rose
    • University: University of Minnesota
    • Title: Monitoring literacy (reading and written expression) growth with students who are deaf or hard of hearing using curriculum based measurement (CBM)
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Psycholinguistic/Emergent Literacy Development of SixYoung Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants (Deaf/CI) During a Summer Reading Camp

    • Researcher: Jean F. Andrews & Vickie Dionne
    • University: Lamar University
    • Title: Bilingual Translanguaging (codeswitching) behaviors of Six Young Deaf/CI Children During a Summer Reading Camp
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic:Textual Cues of Implicit Speech Acts

    • Researcher: Robert Kretschmer
    • University: Teachers College, Columbia University
    • Title:Textual Cues of Implicit Speech Acts as Encoded within Editorials
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Visual Attention in D/HOH Individuals

    • Researchers:, Anne Marie Tharpe, Daniel Ashmead, Douglas Sladen, Hollea Ryan, & Ann Rothpletz
    • University:Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center
    • Title:“Visual Attention and Hearing Loss: Past and Current Perspectives”
    • Description & Discussion

  • Topic: Vocabulary Research: Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

    • Researcher: John Luckner
    • University: University of Northern Colorado
    • Title: "A Summary of the Vocabulary Research Undertaken with Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing"
    • Description & Discussion

Note: You are also encouraged to visit the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education Author's Corner wiki to read and interact with the authors of completed research studies.