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OSEP has funded us for $100,000 for one year (October 1 2007-Sept 31 2008) to plan a collaborative infrastructure to effectively prepare leaders in Education of Deaf/Hard of Hearing. An initial planning group was invited to Washington DC to meet with OSEP personnel and to discuss the feasibility of developing the collaborative infrastructure.

The meeting was attended by the co-PIs (Shirin Antia, Harold Johnson) the project consultant (Kathleen Huebner PI of the National Center for Leadership in Visual Impairment, NCLVI) and OSEP personnel (Maryanne McDermott, Lou Danielson, Bob Gilmore, Louise Tripoli and others).

Representatives of the following universities with existing doctoral program attended the meeting:
Gallaudet University/Cindy Bailes
Lamar University/Tony Martin
Michigan State University/Claudia Pagliaro
Ohio State University/Peter Paul
Columbia Teachers College/Bob Kretschmer
University of Arizona/Shirin Antia
University of Northern Colorado/John Luckner

Representative of the following emerging programs (i.e. programs that had in place faculty and funds but had not necessarily graduated doctoral students) attended:
Georgia University/Susan Easterbrooks
University of Northern Florida/Don Moores

Finally, a representative of a teacher preparation programs attended the meeting:
Fontbonne College (WSU)/Susan Leninhan

Kathleen Huebner led us through the planning and implementation process of the collaborative structure developed by the field of Visual Impairment.

Each doctoral program shared information including program design, numbers of students, faculty interests. We found that a wide variety of programs exist. Programs are housed in various units. Any collaborative structure will need to accommodate this variety.

The group agreed that, given the barriers that are present at each individual university in graduating sufficient numbers of doctoral students to fill leadership positions, especially at universities and colleges, a collaborative program should be pursued.

The group identified key tasks that needed to be accomplished and formed committees to get started on these tasks. The membership and work of these committees can be found under the page "Committee work".

It was clear to the initial planning group that there was a lot of interest in the project from individuals in the field (teacher educators, national leaders, the Deaf community). After extensive and exhaustive discussion, a list of individuals to constitute a larger planning group was agreed upon. This group would be invited to meet at the ACEDHH conference in California in February to assist in planning the collaborative infrastructure and to provide initial community input. The group consisted of parents, Deaf community members, teacher educators, administrators, teachers, etc.
Lisa Dimling
Marilyn Sass Lehrer
Galen Pugh
Glen Andersen
John Albertini
Barbara Raimondo
Kathy Weldon
Karl White
Glen Anderson
Harry Lang
Kathy Sussman
Jay Innes
Ed Corbett
Karen Dilka

The initial planning group will meet in California at the ACEDHH meeting on Thursday Feb 21 a.m.
The larger planning group will meet in the p.m.
The purpose of the meetings will be to review progress to date, set goals for the rest of the planning year, and to involve the larger community in the planning effort. Harold and Shirin will also ask for a 45 minute slot to make a presentation that will be open to all interested persons.